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Fun – Sept / Oct Obstacle Races – VA, NY, PA

Sign Up to compete or volunteer at the Go Ruck Nasty Nick in Va - Sept 21 .The Nasty Nick Obstacle Course - By Go Ruck:  Try an obstacle       course on a mountain ski slope and hang out with some of America's       toughest Special Operators.  Sept 21, 2013 - Massanutten VA Tactical Fitness Conference and Spec Ops Triathlon with ...

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Obstacle Course Workout – Aug Week 3-4

Here is the follow weeks of repeat workouts.  Try it twice as it is a challenge.  If you want to replace swimming - replace with running or rucking with 30-40 lbs... DAY 1 Day 2 Day 3 Run 1/2 mile with tire or carying weight vest or   20-30lbs weight Devils Mile   With Tire or weight to carry and run bleachers /. etc... Run ...

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Obstacle Course Workout – Notes / Events

Hello - I am not getting much feedback on these workouts.  Are they helping anyone?  Email me personally at  or post comments.  Let me know what you want to see in this program.   See USMC Obstacle Course Events - 1 min video:       Devils Mile with Tire:  Tough workout challenge of the month.

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O Course Workout Ideas: Aug Week 2

Challenge of the Month:  Devil's Mile with Tire & Track:  Using a normal car tire (not tractor tire) run four laps on a 1/4 mile track but on the straight away (100yd segments) do the following: On one side run the bleachers up/down every stairway of the section along the 0-50-0 ...

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July Week 2-3 O Course Workout (Nasty Nick Obstacle Course – Spec Ops Style)

The Nasty Nick Obstacle Course - By Go Ruck:  Try an obstacle course on a mountain ski slope and hang out with some of America's toughest Special Operators.  Sept 21, 2013 - Massanutten VA Volunteer for the Nasty Nick O Course Race - Hang out with SOF operators.  Many of my Heroes of Tomorrow groups, trainers, and myself ...

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July Week 1 – O Course Simulation Workout

Here is a mix of pace training and working the VO2 max with sprinting.  Once option for the race runner is to either run the space in between obstacles FAST and rest on the obstacles or pace your runs to more of a longer distance jog and sprint the obstacles.  You have to find out what works best for you. ...

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Go Ruck – Nasty Nick Obstacle Course Race with Special Forces

  Go Ruck Nasty Obstacle Course GoRuck Style! See video on Nasty Nick that this Obstacle Course Event is modeled after - Fundraiser for Green Beret Foundation If you are an aspiring Special Ops candidate, there are many things you ...

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