The CAC Program

The Conquer Any Course Training Program

The Conquer Any Course Training Program was designed specifically for the obstacle racing athlete who wants the extra edge without adding additional training.

The Conquer Any Course Training Program is the trusted resource for the obstacle racing community. This is the 100% natural training program that ensures you are more than ready for any obstacle race.


Are You Up To The Challenge?

Obstacle course racing has skyrocketed in popularity. This year there will be more than a million people climbing, running, rolling and crawling through obstacle races across the U.S.

Obstacle course races are the ultimate test for any athlete.

The Conquer Any Course Program will train, prepare and motivate you to being the ultimate obstacle racing participant. The Conquer Any Course Program helps you get fit and reach your racing goals.

It strengthens your shoulders, core, lower body muscles, joints, back, and hips. This truly is the most complete workout available on the planet.

The program will not only train you to conquer any race physically, but mentally as well.

Training will get you in peak shape and improve every part of your life. Upcoming races will become an effective way to keep you motivated and dedicated to exercise for a lifetime.

Not only will the races create dramatic changes to your body, but they’re incredibly fun, challenging and amazing social gatherings too!

Registering for any race automatically creates accountability and commitment to train. If you don’t follow through, you will be failing yourself.

To help you stay motivated and on-track other members, just like you, will hold each other accountable.

This will lead to greater:

Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Overall Conditioning

The Conquer Any Course Training Program Includes:

    • 2 to 3 new workout videos uploaded each week where you’ll see unique routines designed to get you over a specific obstacle.
    • Workout details will also be downloadable so that you can refer to it any time.
    • “Team Conquer Any Course”, where VIP members team up to train and race one another on their own.
    • The chance to race with the creators of Conquer Any Course: Stew Smith and James Villepigue!
    • Weekly Nutrition Tips And Strategies (As your workouts increase, so does the importance of nutrition. Understanding the role of water, carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and that when you eat is just as important as what you eat.)
    • Motivational Strategies (These will keep you on-track and pumped up to continue training.)
    • Unlimited Email Support (Shoot an email with your question or concern any time… even if it’s 3 in the morning.)
    • Skype Support (James will be available on Skype to answer your questions live.)
    • Product Reviews (You’ll find the products that are worth buying without having to spend time researching them.)
    • Audio & Video Interviews With Top Obstacle Race Athletes. (Get the latest tips and techniques from the best of the best.)
    • More Audio & Video Interviews With Expert Obstacle Race Trainers. (Find out the cutting-edge methods for efficient training.)
    • Connect With Other Racers In Your Area (You’ll be part of the ultimate obstacle racing community.)
    • And More!


The Conquer Any Course Approach To Effective Training

Think training hard is enough? Not necessarily. If you don’t train smart, there are a couple of things that are likely to happen:

1. You’ll sabotage your workout in major ways.

2. You will be prone to injury.

You see, after doing the same routine a few times, your body will adapt to it and burn fewer calories. Not only that, but your weight loss and muscle building will slow down too.

Another thing – if you keep placing stress on the same muscles and joints every week – that could lead to an overuse injury which could set your training back to square one.

That’s why the Conquer Any Course training program mixes it up. Every week you’ll experience new workouts that will be challenging and different. Another bonus to mixing it up – you’ll be more inclined to exercise regularly and also enjoy your workouts more.

The Conquer Training Schedule

Here is Hobie Call’s actual obstacle race training schedule from 2011:

    • Monday: Upper body- 50 minutes
    • Tuesday: Lower body- 75 to 90 minutes (mid-distance)
    • Wednesday: Upper body- 50 minutes
    • Thursday: Lower body- 75 to 90 minutes (speed/strength)
    • Friday: Upper body- 30 minutes (same as Mon, Wed, just tapered)
    • Saturday: Lower body: 100 to 120 minutes (endurance)
    • Sunday: Off


Hobie is also adding a second running workout to his schedule on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

The runs he is adding are:

    • 1 hour on Monday
    • 45 minutes on Wednesday
    • 45 minutes on Friday


If you’re a beginning or intermediate athlete on the program, your times will be much shorter… But stick with it, and you’ll ultimately progress to match Hobie’s times.

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Download DVD

I am very excited to have conqueranycourse up and running, where I can finally share everything I’ve learned over the years about fitness and nutrition. I’ll be adding a lot of content over the next few weeks, but if there is something you would like to suggest or just talk about, feel free to leave your comments here…for the meantime, the forum is currently Under Development. Please check back soon

Sincerely, Hobie Call